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Cutler Weak?  
24th-Jan-2011 10:27 am
I have to get this off my chest because I honestly can not believe what I'm hearing on sports radio and other media outlets.

Its fine to be mad at the Bears for last night's performance. It didn't seem like they were really trying that first half, and it was just awful to watch. Both the defense and the offense did horrible that first quarter, and the offense just never seemed to show up that first half. Its also fine to be mad at Lovie (what the hell were you thinking for calling that time out on that last drive? That was completely ridiculous) and to be mad at the coaching staff in general for Todd Collins being 2nd string for some god awful reason instead of Caleb Hanie.

But saying Cutler quit on his team? That he WANTED to be benched? That he's a wuss and a sissy? Seriously? I can't believe it. Chicago ESPN radio is tootin' this horn and about the only media outlet I hear calling this for what it is, rubbish, is 670 the Score. Everyone else, all the fans included, are jumping on this guy's back.

And look, I understand, Cutler isn't that likeable. I don't like him much myself, I think he needs to do a better job showing he's a leader. I think he needs to stop being so full of himself. But I will never, ever, question this QB's toughness. He's about the toughest quarterback I can think of, and he HAS to be. Since our o-line is so God awful horrible and he's sacked so many times. How dare you Chicago, how DARE you question how tough he is, and call him a quitter. I shouldn't be surprised since this city is so quick to turn on their own team but Christ. I will never question Cutler's competitive nature, and I will always stand behind him in this instance until proven otherwise, that he fought to still play in that game and was overruled. You can NOT draw conclusions that he didn't want to play based on 5 secs of footage we're shown of him on the sideline. You say you saw him standing on his own two feet on looking despondent? Christ that was for 5 secs. And just because you can balance your weight to be on mostly one leg while standing does not mean you're hale enough to throw a football, maneuver like he has to, etc.

I am disgusted at NFL players past and present calling him out, and I'm just so fed up with Chicago in general not back up their team. There are a lot of things to be unhappy with about last night's game, and a lot of reasons to be mad at Cutler, but him being benched is not one of them.
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