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Pigs can fly if you throw them high enough
Day III - Favorite TV Show 
5th-Mar-2010 07:11 am

Seriously, were you that surprised. I really am not that big of a sci-fi fan. And I was really reluctant to start watching this show, however Dale convinced me and I was hooked after the mini series. Never has a TV show pulled me in, never has a TV show caused me to be so conflicted over if I truly hate or love a character. The characters were written like true human beings, some were mostly white, some where mostly black, but in general, everyone had large shades of grey as well.

They dealt with themes and issues that are current to our political situation. They really looked at the brutal truth of what would happen if there were only 50,000 people of the human race left. What morals and personal beliefs would you be willing to sacrifice in order to ensure the survival of humanity? Does humanity even deserve to survive?

This is also one of the few shows that was able to end on its own terms. While I wish they were able to go one more season, since some of season 4 felt really rushed, I for one am not upset by the ending. Some questions were answered, others weren't, and while I personally would've liked to have seen some things different at the end, I've grown to accept it as time has passed.

Seriously, if you haven't watched this show yet, what are you waiting for??

Dexter. Serial killer that kills people who are "deserving". Raised by a cop who recognized where the boy was headed, and in turn tried to teach him who he should act out his urges on instead of trying to make the boy be something he wasn't. Season 1, was amazing. Season 2, was good. Season 3, I really didn't care for that much. But... man, season 4 was back to amazing and I really can't wait to see where everything is headed next season!

Other shows that I love, Pushing Daisies(had two short seasons, and we were cut off of a true ending. I am really sad to see this show go, and it was very difficult to watch the 3 episodes that weren't aired, knowing I wasn't going to be getting any conclusions or satisfaction from watching it), Dollhouse, Flight of the Concords Amusingly enough these three shows are no longer on TV either...

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