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Pigs can fly if you throw them high enough
Day XII - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy 
23rd-Mar-2010 07:16 am
Hmmmm. I really don't know what to rant or chat about in this "Whatever tickles your fancy" post.

I've started to work towards being a jogger. I say work towards because I'm following that Couch Potato to 5k Runner program. So, really, right now its 2 minutes of jogging, 2 minutes of walking, for 8 rounds. But hey its a start! And Zepplin usually comes with me so he's getting an extra burst of exercise too!

Today after work I'll be bringing my bike into the shop that's a few blocks away. I believe the inner tubes are busted as pumping air in the tires does zilch. Hopefully it won't cost an arm and a leg to tune it up, but we shall see... anyways I'll start riding my bike to work and places near by as well and that should help. I've stopped going to Extreme (the MMA gym) since it was getting difficult to go without a partner, people I used to know there stopped going, and the fee is getting a little difficult to afford. I really loved that place, and Tony, the owner and trainer, is great, but I just can't afford it right now and don't go enough to make it worthwhile. Hopefully I'll be able to go again at some point, as fighting was really a great way to stay in shape, but I suppose only time will tell.

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