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Pigs can fly if you throw them high enough
Day XIV - A Non Fictional Book 
29th-Mar-2010 07:06 am
I typically don't read non-fictional books, although I've recently become intensely interested in various dog training books like Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed, Patricia McConnell's The Other End of the Leash, Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot the Dog!, and Jean Donaldson's The Culture Clash, among others. (I'm turning into a bit of a dog training nerd can you tell?)

However, there are two non-fictional books that I absolutely adore. The first is Stephen King's On Writing, which is one of his strongest books. This book is what Stephen King does best, talking. And I say that meaning some of his most entertaining passages to read, are his prologues or epilogues to The Reader. This entire book is part about his journey to fame(the drugs, the alcohol, marriage, etc.) and part about the techniques of writing. I thought this book might get bogged down with technical terms of writing, which is something I'm not particularly as passionate about as others, however I was very pleasantly surprised. Admittedly its been a handful of years since I've read the darn thing, so I can't really expound any further upon it.

Another non-fiction book I've thoroughly enjoyed is Chuck Palahniuk's Stranger Than Fiction. Most of these are a collection of essays Palahniuk's written over the years for papers and magazines, however there's some auto-biographical essays as well, which mostly depict his journey to fame. Specifically watching the adaptation of Fight Club from a book to a movie, the murder of his father, and other childhood memories. There's also a great essay in there where he interviews Marilyn Manson right around the time of the Columbine school shootings.

S'yeah. Sorry I'm so boring in this regard, and just have two books by two of my favorite authors, but maybe hey. Its better than me going into a huge rant about dog training methods, right? ;)

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