Kyal (nekokikichan) wrote,

Day XX - A Hobby of Yours

Haha, I knew I'd drop off on this eventually!!

I'd say a hobby of mine is video gaming. While I'm not ALWAYS gaming, I am usually in the middle of some sort of game. My favorite series is Silent Hill with Silent Hill 2 being my favorite of the series. I also love God of War, Shadow of Colossus, Okami, Fatal Frame, Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and Infamous. FFVII will always be near and dear to my heart as well.

I recently finished GoWIII which was the one of the most perfect combat games I've ever played. I'm currently trying to finish Dante's Inferno which is becoming increasingly difficult. I was really enjoying the game when I first played it, however I took a break to play through God of War III, and now the combat just seems unresponsive, slow, sluggish, and all in all does not do as well of a job in ripping off the GoW combat system like I originally thought it did.

I'm also playing through Brutal Legend and the new Ratchet and Clank, with having pre ordered the special edition of Alan Wake (which I'm ridiculously excited for).

I have also finished Bioshock 2 recently which was actually pretty good for a sequel, although not near as good as its predecessor. I also played Gears of War for the first time this past weekend, and am now playing through GoWII with Dale on coop.

In general I find video games to be a nice interactive experience. I enjoy watching movies for the story and atmosphere. Video games are the same thing except almost better in a way, since you're actually apart of the story and world, and have a cause and effect for being there.

Speaking of which I think I hear Brutal Legend's metal riffs calling to me ;)

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