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Pigs can fly if you throw them high enough

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I'm a former anime nerd and have somewhat mellowed out on the anime watching. The only anime I actively keep up with is Naruto, and the last "brand new anime" I saw was probably Texhnolyze or Paranoia Agent which was years ago.

I work. I play video games. I take care of my dog. I draw. I look for freelance jobs. The only thing in this world I absolutely hate is a close minded person. You can have a differing opinion than mine (which you more than likely will on some things), but if you're unwilling to see where I'm coming from, or go from friendly debate banter, to full out right argument I'll probably be less likely to talk to you.

I believe everyone has the right to think what they want, and believe what they want. Hell I believe most people have the right to do most of what they want. The exception of this is, of course, if what you're doing negatively effects those around you. It doesn't even have to be loved ones, but even innocent bystanders.

As far as videogames go I enjoy the "different" "original" ones(Ico, Shadows of Colossus, Okami) and survival horror games. I will forever think that the Silent Hill series is far superior to the Resident Evil series, and that the Fatal Frame series is the definition of horror games. I also love the Guilty Gear and Soul Calibur series. Technically I'm a Sony fangirl, however at this point I believe all of the consoles have their good and bad points. My current obsessions are Battlestar Galactica, my dog, and Nine Inch Nails.

In non-scary news, I'm also the proud new mama of this lil' monster, Zepplin!

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Zepplin is my little terror who was adopted on July 20th, 2007 and is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Its strongly suspected that he's at the very least mixed with Rat Terrier. He is the terror of my house that loves to keep me active and ensure that I don't get too lazy with my life.

Macgyver was not an anticipated permanent fixture in my household, but was eventually inheritated through a friend, and is now a welcome addition. He dislikes Zepplin for the most part, but will tolerate the hyper dog on his good days. An affectionate cat, he likes to suffocate me in my sleep at night, in an attempt to show his love and affection. Or his attempt to kill me and become head of the household, I haven't figured that one out quite yet...
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